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Our Story

The Bowery House and Gardens sit at the corner of Franz Road and Katy Fort Bend Road, in the heart of Katy, Texas. The original owner planted oak trees all over the property, with seven planted in a row facing Franz Road, as a legacy for his family. His grandson eventually inherited the land and refused to sell it when the property was zoned for commercial use, for he feared the oaks would be destroyed to make room for a development.  

When we approached the grandson about buying the piece of land, we assured him that the oak trees were what made the property desirable to us. He agreed to sell on the condition that the oaks would remain. 


We considered several different options for commercially developing the land. Putting our personal experience in event planning together with the picturesque quality of the property, The Bowery House and Gardens at 7 Oaks became a reality.


The venue and surrounding gardens have exceeded all of our expectations. We are overjoyed to share the beauty and historic tranquility of 7 Oaks with our friends, neighbors, and guests.


1940's View of 7 Oaks

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